This week, Quentin celebrates a true glam rock 70s icon – the Rolls Royce Corniche convertible. This 17-foot-long, two-and-a-half tonne flying sunbed was a must-have accessory for the super-rich and famous. Bowie, Jagger and McCartney drove them and more recently Lady Gaga bought one – proof that the Corniche is still very rock ʻnʼ roll.


The model that Quentin drives this time was once owned by arms billionaire Adnan Khashoggi. Emblematic of success and excess, the Corniche may have been a symbol of financial clout but, as Quentin explains, it is also the car that actually saved Rolls Royce from going under.

Elsewhere, Will Best explores the new and growing world of car clubs where consumers can now rent a classic instead of buying one. Which rental classic will he choose to cruise the streets of London?

On the hunt for another affordable classic vehicle, Alex Riley plays TV playboy Simon Templar, aka the Saint, in a Jaguar XJS. As the replacement for Jaguarʼs iconic E-Type, the car had big shoes to fill and its 70s styling was not to everyoneʼs taste. This V12 GT can now be snapped up for just £3,000 and could be a good bet for the future for shrewd investors.

Chris Routledge goes looking for more ʻbarn findsʼ and discovers an Amilcar that has not seen the light of day for decades. Despite the years of abandoment, this bespoke 1920s French racing car seems perfectly preserved.

Finally, Jodie goes on the ultimate petrol head pilgrimage to one of the fastest road circuits in the world. In its day, Reims hosted GT, Grand Prix and Motorcycle racing during which its long pit straight saw many slipstream battles between some of the worldʼs top drivers.