A beautiful and increasingly rare Triumph TR4A IRS (Non-Overdrive Model).

Current owner has owned the car for 32 years and in that time only covered approx 5000 miles. A History file that consists of almost every MOT back to 1977.

Included is a number of substantial invoices for restoration work and repair works which total between £8-£10,000.

First Registered 5th June 1967

We cannot confirm the exact mileage of the car at this moment in time. However, we can confirm that since 1977 the car has done no more than 10,000 miles.

MOT: 12 Months will be provided on sale of the vehicle.

We have been undertaking additional works to this vehicle over the last few months. Works completed included:

Painted Wire Wheels (Chrome ones available at £800 extra)
Specialist Restoration/Treatment of paintwork to remove surface scratches
New Hoses in engine bay
General Clean and respray of engine bay
New Radiator and Hoses
New Air Horn
New Bottles and holders
Complete strip down of wooden dashboard
New control knobs on dashboard
Restoration of Black Dashboard sections
Door lock repair
Ultra Sonic and Vapour Blasting of Carbs
New Rocker Cover Gasket
New Sump Gasket
Strip and Clean rear Brakes
Section of Chassis cleaned/inspected and repainted
Seats removed, cleaned and refitted
Chrome Triumph badges replaced
Water Pump and Pulley

Overall the car is very well presented but there are a number of small blemishes in the paintwork in a number of areas. We have priced the car accordingly, hence why we are not asking £20,000+

An Excellent Investment opportunity at £16,995